Connecter les villes vertes

Connecting green cities

Connecter les villes vertes


Connecting green cities


mube is a start-up that designs green columns to cool and filter the air in towns and cities, while at the same time serving as high supports for urban equipment.
This original solution makes it possible to grow a maximum number of plants, vertically and 360°, on a minimum amount of floor space and with minimum water consumption.Installed in urban centres, this patented innovation acts as a filtering, depolluting and refreshing lung, for the comfort of residents.

With the mube column, cities deploy their connectivity and the innumerable associated services while multiplying the green surfaces.
200 plants / 20 varietes
Reduction in heatd islands
Reduction of 3 to 4°C in teh area summer
Water savings
50% compared to a ground surface
Absorption of CO²
Up to 250 Kg absorbed per year for the highest columns
Intelligent irrigation
Autonomous and predictive irrigation management
Green areas multiplied
Up to 30 times more green areas created in relation to the footprint


Hauteur : de 3 à 20 mètres

Surface végétale réelle : 60m2*

Absorption en Co2 : 250 kg/an
Economie d’eau : 120 m3/an*

Surface au sol : 1 m2

Pour une colonne de 20m


The result of 4 years of research and development, rewarded by several patents, the mube greened column is a concentrate of technology.

Our research focused on 2 objectives :

– Obtain the best flowering while limiting water consumption
– To accommodate the technologies of the smart city

The mube column is made of high-density fiber, a material also used in aeronautics, which gives it unparalleled performance and resistance. With low heat conductivity, the fiber ensures constant hygrometry and a very low evaporation coefficient.

mube has always worked on water saving for the irrigation of plant surfaces. One of the major innovations of our technicians is the creation of the innovative process of capturing runoff water. With these shells, every drop of water is redirected to
the planting cells.

Our teams have designed a substrate, adapted to the verticality of the columns, combining nutrient supply for the plants, limited settlement over time and a high coefficient of optimized water retention. Composed exclusively of organic matter from recycled sources, it allows for unparalleled plant development.

The mube botanists tested several hundred varieties of plants for the floral composition of the column. They selected those that
performed remarkably well in terms of their ability to adapt to any type of climate, to fix CO2, their low water requirements, their flowering qualities, pollination and annual persistence.

mube has created and patented an irrigation system specially adapted to vertical plant cultivation. In the specific environment of our columns, it allows for more efficient irrigation of the substrate while providing the ideal amount of water over very large heights.

The water content of all our columns is monitored in real time and analyzed several times a day. This technology allows you to water only when necessary, depending on the outside temperature and the weather forecast.


The green & connected column
The mube green column houses the connected equipment of tomorrow’s smart, sustainable city.
This equipment is visually integrated at the top of the column, providing a high urban point for weather and pollution sensors, intelligent lighting, security cameras, telecommunications
antennae and all the smart city innovations that will benefit local residents.

mube is a partner of the TDF group in the deployment of telecommunications antennas and network densification.

The TDF group operates and manages telecommunications infrastructures on behalf of national telephone operators.

As a neutral infrastructure operator, the TDF Group is preparing the city for the arrival of the SmartCity, so that
residents can benefit from optimum connectivity.

Whether you are an operator, a local authority, a private company or a public body, mube and its partners have the solution to your connectivity problems.

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Urban center, pedestrian zone entrance, installation of 16 columns
Located at the entrance of the pedestrian zone, this set of 16 columns allows to delimit and materialize the entrance of the protected zone. …
Installation of a vegetated telecom mast on a protected site
As part of our partnership with TDF, we installed this mast equipped with a latest generation 5G antenna …
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Installation of 33 columns at the 4 corners of an outdoor parking lot in downtown.
On this urban site, the columns were installed to offer a vegetal scenery and a natural refreshment to the users of …
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Deployment of 28 columns in a downtown pedestrian square.
As part of the modernization of an urban square and the inauguration of a new college, 18 mube columns …
Urban center, pedestrian zone entrance, installation of 16 columns
Located at the entrance of the pedestrian zone, this set of 16 columns allows to delimit and materialize the entrance of the protected zone. …
Installation of 17 columns at the entrance of an RER station
The objective of this project was to green a hightraffic area. After 4 years, the site is still in perfect condition …
Urban center, installation of 14 columns on a central median
The columns are located on a separating median for motorists and constitute a plant screen for the arrival on the traffic circle area. …
Installation of 8 columns at the entrance of a district
Within the framework of the requalification of an urban district with strong density, the columns associated with an arch bring the …

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