Why will 5G antennas multiply in our city centers?

Telecom antennas make a large number of services possible, the main one being the mobile network.
Until now, 4G technology could work with antennas called “great heights” (roofs, terraces, towers …) and with points far from each other, often on the outskirts of large cities.
This network structuring is not compatible with 5G technology which, although 10 times faster than 4G, has a reduced range and does not pass through buildings.
To offer 5G services, new antennas will have to be deployed, ideally positioned between 6 and 8 meters high and with a much higher density (every 200 m); for France, this number is estimated to be more than 100,000 new sites, mainly in downtown areas.
This new 5G network will operate in addition to the current 4G network and will make possible smart city applications; applications as varied as autonomous cars, intelligent management of public lighting, automated
garbage collection… It is important to remember that the installation of all these antennas does not pose any health risk since most of the electromagnetic waves are created by the phone itself. So the 5G technology is not dangerous and should not be alarmist.
But what about the integration of these new antennas in the urban landscape?
Although smaller than 4G antennas, about the size of a shoebox, 5G antennas will have to find their place in our daily lives without distorting the living environment.
Telecom operators, supported by public authorities, are looking for solutions to integrate these technologies in a smooth way and with the maximum acceptability of the populations.
The challenge is not easy to take up and yet there is a solution that goes beyond the integration of the antenna, that reduces heat islands and purifies the air; that makes poles disappear by sharing urban equipment… in short, that improves your quality of life by beautifying your city.
This solution is the mube green column, a 100% French patented innovation that connects cities while greening them.
See you soon in your city and on www.mube.fr