Frequently Asked Questions

The mube column is available in 2 diameters : 33cm and 80cm for a footprint of approximately 1m². The 33cm column is available on demand between 2 and 10m high and the 80cm column between 8 and 20m high.
The mube columns require at least a water supply and, depending on the equipment chosen, an electrical supply and a fiber connection. A reinforced concrete foundation is required, the dimensions of which are studied according to the constraints of the site. Our technicians have a perfect command of the problems of urban networks such as water, electricity and gas. Each installation is unique and requires an in-depth feasibility study

Depending on the type of column and its size, as well as the type of site selected, it takes between 4 and 8 days of work to install, plant and put into service a green column

Since 2015, we have installed just over 300 columns. They are all still in place and continue to grow and flourish to the satisfaction of residents

The structure itself does not require any maintenance or control and is guaranteed for 10 years.Regarding the plant composition, the mube teams have selected a range of plants that require minimal maintenance. We recommend two annual visits (spring and fall) for preventive pruning as well as monitoring the irrigation system and managing the connected watering.

One of the features of the mube column that we are particularly proud of is that it reduces the water requirement of its plant mass by 50% compared to an equivalent area on the ground. This feat is possible thanks to a combination of mube protected innovations, associated with intelligent hygrometry sensors. This system analyzes in real time and several times a day the water content of the column. Its artificial intelligence is able to predict the right watering according to the outside temperature and the weather forecast. The column itself triggers its watering according to these factors. Without any human intervention, the column controls its watering needs and each drop of water is optimized for the real needs of the plant.

The column is designed to support weights up to 200 kg. It is compatible to support all types of antennas (Macro Cells / Small Cells) and the following equipment: CCTV cameras, lighting, sensors, recharging points, advertising or any urban equipment of height

You can contact us by phone at +331 86 22 28 30 or by email at
According to your specifications, we will define the corresponding type of mubecolumn and will be able to quote you the corresponding amount.

mube is a partner of the main telecom and infrastructure operators (TowerCo).
For the installation of a vegetated telecom mast, a specific study will be carried out to define the ideal location. If the installation is to be carried out on public space (urban implantation), a lease proposal will be submitted to the community by the operator.
You can contact us by phone at 01 86 22 28 30 or by email at

Our partnership with the telecom operators provides for the installation and maintenance of the green telecom mast for the duration of the lease at no cost to the community. Residents enjoy the benefits of greenery and connectivity without having to pay for it.