MUBE is a start-up that designs green columns to improve the urban environment. This original solution allows maximum plant growth in minimal ground space, with very low water consumption. Each column is a concentrated garden, vertically and 360°, acting as a filtering and cooling lung, promoting biodiversity and combating heat islands.

Our solution facilitates greening of city centers in a simple, fast, and efficient manner, as an alternative to trees and planted pots.


Green areas multiplied

Reduction in heat islands

Water savings

Absorption of CO²




Just a tube, soil, holes, and plants? Yes, it’s almost that, but…
The MUBE green column incorporates several patented innovations such as its internal structure or its irrigation system. It also includes a specific substrate, moisture sensors, and a dedicated irrigation management algorithm, the result of several years of R&D. Today, all these innovations make the MUBE column the most viable, efficient, and water-saving vertical greening solution.

A metal skeleton ensures the rigidity and high resistance of the structure. The outer shell is made of fibers, it is completely waterproof, resistant, and poorly heat-conductive. This guarantees great durability for both the column and the vegetation.

We have developed a special soil: its fibrous structure limits compaction and ensures good water retention. Its composition includes recycled and local materials, such as birch bark instead of peat.

MUBE has created and patented an irrigation system adapted to vertical plant cultivation and especially to great height. It allows delivering the same amount of water to all levels with the possibility of managing them differently and extremely precisely according to the needs.

The vegetated column irrigates itself. To do this, it is equipped with connected probes that measure the water availability in the substrate in real-time. Our algorithm analyzes this data, and based on temperature, plant development stage, weather predictions, etc., triggers irrigation or not. The goal is no unnecessary watering and no wasted water !

While all plants can grow in our soil, not all are suitable for urban and vertical cultivation. Out of more than a hundred different plants tested to date, we currently recommend around twenty, selected for their qualities: development speed, hardiness, foliage and flower color, etc., and their complementarities: aromatic, melliferous, evergreen, deciduous, grasses, etc. Each column is a concentrated garden !

The vegetated column is the most efficient way to maximize plants in minimal ground space while saving water to the maximum. Compared to conventional solutions such as trees, green spaces, and planted pots, and with equivalent vegetation surface, the MUBE column grows 50 times faster than a tree, takes up 15 times less ground space than a green space, and consumes 50% less water.
It is equivalent to a 15m² garden with around thirty different varieties but occupies 30 times less ground space (0.5m²) and consumes 70% less water.


The green column is doubly connected.

Firstly, because it incorporates an intelligent irrigation system, consisting of connected probes that communicate via radio waves (LoRa, Sigfox). This system ensures its autonomy and the ability to be managed remotely, resulting in huge savings in resources:
• the column only irrigates when necessary, with the right amount of water
• gardeners no longer need to check or water the plants

Secondly, because the MUBE column can accommodate the connected equipment of the smart and sustainable city of tomorrow (weather and pollution sensors, intelligent lighting, security cameras, telecommunications antennas, etc.) and become a support for the development of the smart city.

Solution to:
  • Greening
  • Combating heat islands
  • Save water and human resources
  • Improve air quality
  • Promote urban biodiversity


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